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For nearly 45 years HVO’s employment and training programs have trained individuals who have disabilities or disadvantages through work in our manufacturing enterprise and/or on-the-job training.

The programs are designed to strengthen each individual’s abilities and increase their potential as qualified candidates for jobs available in the community.  As a result, HVO prides itself in having built strong relationships with many employers in Haywood County, often being the first contact an employer makes when they have an open position.

Our motto at HVO:  “We Bring People & Jobs Together!”

Our training includes:

  • Punctuality
  • Appropriate dress code
  • Accepting supervision and feedback
  • Calling ahead if tardy or absent

HVO’s Employment Specialists remain available for follow-up for 90 days after a client is placed and trained in the job.  For individuals hired from our Supported Employment program (designed for individuals with greater disabilities and/or disadvantages), longer on-the-job training is given and follow-up services twice monthly.

Employer Incentives

The WOTC federal tax credit is offered to employers who hire people with disabilities or disadvantages. For more information on this tax credit visit: http://www.doleta.gov/business/incentives/opptax

HVO Employment Specialists assist its clients in making an appropriate job choice, and the employer can be assured that the individual has the ability to complete all necessary job requirements.  This is done through a complete employee assessment and evaluation process.

Job Shadowing and Job Sampling are offered before any employment opportunity is determined. This service is provided before any offer of employment is considered, thus ensuring the individual is an appropriate match for the employment opportunity.

Job Coaching is offered free of charge to both clients and employers to guarantee a smooth transition into the workplace. This service is beneficial to the client because they have added assistance in learning new tasks and an advocate to help them with the transition.  It is beneficial to the employer because HVO provides the necessary training to the individual which allows the employer to spend their valuable time performing other work-related job functions.

Employment Specialists will follow up for at least 3 months after training on the job is complete and act as a liaison between client and employer. Employment Specialist will attempt to assist with all problems and/or concerns, or make an appropriate referral.  These specialists are available at any time to employers.

HVO Work – Website Programs Description Update - 2016

Success Stories

HVO Employment Success Stories"When David Hensley was hired, he quickly became an integral member of the Woodforest Bank team. He eagerly learned the bank's products and substitutes at other branches when needed. David also markets the bank's products to businesses in the community and speaks throughout the community to teach financial literacy.

The Branch Manager is impressed with David's capabilities and is very glad Woodforest Bank chose to hire him."

Jack Chapman - Branch Manager
Woodforest Bank

In 2001, Nola Kiker was a single mother of four with a back injury that kept her from continuing to work as a CNA or in housekeeping. She knew she had to support her family so she made the decision to come through HVO's program in hopes of receiving vocational training and work that she could do without compromising her injury.

HVO Employment Success StoriesNola proved to have an aptitude for production work and while training in HVO's manufacturing enterprise, a position became available. That was 15 years ago and today Nola is a department supervisor. Her determination and desire to be a responsible example to her children compelled her to become a dedicated employee. Her increasing knowledge of HVO's manufacturing processes has made her an invaluable team member.

Nola's supervisor, Rhonda Moore said, "She is a tremendous asset to the department. Nola helps meet production demands and supervises employees well."


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